Home Schooling Vs Public Schooling – A Large Decision

In order to make a decision between teaching your child at home or sending them to the public school system, you often need to look at home schooling vs public schooling objectively. Here are two different things that you should take into consideration whenever you are trying to decide which would be best for your child.The first has to do with the socialization that your child will get as a result of you deciding one way or the other. Socialization will be limited to a certain extent whenever you home school a child but it certainly is possible for you to join groups of like-minded people in order for them to interact in one way or another. Yes, your child will be getting a lot more socialization at the public school but you will have no control over the type of environment that the socialization will take place in. This is a heavy decision and probably one of the most important that you are going to make as far as home schooling vs public schooling.Another thing to keep in mind is the development of your child educationally. In a public school setting, the entire class moves through the curriculum at the same speed, regardless of the personal development of each child. In a homeschooled situation, you are able to control the speed at which your child moves through the curriculum. This will help them to develop more as far as their education is concerned and to combat boredom from taking too long with subjects they are familiar with.

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